Booking Cancellation Policy

Reservations, Amendment and Cancellation

Clarion Inn, Jaipur reservations are subject to availability of rooms or services at the time. Reservations made on hotel site are restricted till confirmation number is given to the guest to support the reservations by email or fax. Clarion Inn, Jaipur may, from time to time, communicate with the guests, to re-confirm the reservations and to prevent any simulated bookings.

Amendment Obligations

If guests wish to change any part of their reservations, modifications may be made on the website at the earliest convenience. Clarion Inn, Jaipur is not liable should it fail to provide its products and services due to unavailability.

If Clarion Inn, Jaipur, for reasons beyond its control, needs to reject or change confirmed reservations it will apply all reasonable attempts to facilitate the situation. However if no alternative is provided to the guest, the hotel is obliged to refund any deposit made and considers it cancelled. This is the limit of the Clarion Inn, Jaipur liability.

Cancellation Undertaking

Clarion Inn, Jaipur reserves the right to impose cancellation fees of per room per night in the event of late cancellation notice or no-show at the hotel.

Clarion Inn, Jaipur doesn’t certify acknowledgement of reservations or transactions made on this site arising from unanticipated situations, omissions or errors that occasionally may happen.

Service Payment Terms

Clarion Inn, Jaipur reserves the right to charge deposit fees, wherever applicable, on confirmation of reservation. If payment isn’t complied with, we hold the right to cancel the booking without liability and retain the deposit. Where deposits are required, payment can be settled by major credit card or if credit card isn’t available, cash settlements are necessary to facilitate the booking procedures.

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